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The Best CRM for Real Estate

Looking for the best CRM for real estate companies? We break down the essential features, pros and cons of great CRM software designed for real estate businesses and independent realtors.

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How to create high converting landing pages?

Creating landing pages that convert can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Here’s what you need to know to receive high conversion rates.

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3 sales funnel templates to help you convert like crazy

This article will show you three real-life sales funnel examples and the types of content and resources each company uses to guide them through the funnel. You can use these examples as templates when building your own strategy.

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Cloud-Based CRM: A Must-Have for Your Work-From-Home Business

Your business has a work from home policy. Which tools can ensure productivity? And can you save costs with the right cloud-based CRM? All the answers here.

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A 7 Step Sales Process

How do you find new leads? When do you submit your proposal? Which information do you need to record in your sales software? Our industry expert shares her tips and advice to get yourself into the habit of following the same steps every time you engage with a new prospect and successfully close deals.

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The 9 Best Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

Collect valuable feedback from your customers with these 9 customer satisfaction survey questions. It’s time to improve your customer satisfaction levels with Act!.

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A Simple Guide to Improving Your Customer Experience Management

Understand the customer journey to learn how to boost your customers’ perception of you. This guide explains customer experience management and how to get it right.

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What is marketing automation and why do you need it?

Marketing automation is not just a buzz-word anymore; if you don't know what it really is and what it can really do, you are missing out. By using marketing automation tools, you can create smart and automated workflows to enhance productivity and deliver better prospect and customer experience.

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CRM: On-premise or Cloud?

Everyone's talking about the cloud as the place for storing data and running applications. Recently the direction of travel has certainly been in its favor, but is it the right choice when it comes to customer relationship management software? Some are staunch cloud advocates, while others will take some persuading that on-premise solutions aren't still the best option. But what's the reality?

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