Full-featured CRM and Marketing Automation for individuals and SMBs.

With Act! Premium, you have options.

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Act! Premium Cloud

CRM + Marketing Automation*


$40 (Cloud w/ desktop sync)

(billed annually)

Choose Cloud to enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of a cloud-based solution where we handle all the technical details


Act! Premium Desktop

CRM + Marketing Automation*


(billed annually)

Choose Desktop if you want to experience the security and control of an on-premise solution where you deploy and manage the software.

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Act! is CRM and Marketing Automation all in one.

Select the perfect-fit Act! Marketing Automation
plan for your business.

AMA Basic

The basics for creating professional looking outbound marketing campaigns.



2,500 emails/mo to unlimited contacts. 2 See feature chart for details.

AMA Select

Go beyond the basics with response-driven marketing campaign automation.
per account/month


25,000 emails/mo to unlimited contacts. See feature chart for details.

AMA Complete

Automatically create sales activities based on marketing campaign response.
per account/month


50,000 emails/mo to unlimited contacts. See feature chart for details.

AMA Advanced

The most sophisticated marketing automation tools plus expert consultation services.
per account/month


100,000 emails/mo to unlimited contacts. See the feature chart for details.

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Featured Add-Ons

Enhanced Support

Experience VIP service with priority queuing, feature guidance by phone, appointment setting, and more.

$10 per user/month*

Custom Tables

Maintain industry-specific data like insurance policies, service contracts, mortgages, projects, and more.

$10 per user/month*

SMS4Act! Text Messaging

Use integrated SMS text messaging to send and record personalized messages directly from Act!.

$19 per month**

Additional Cloud Storage

(Act! Premium Cloud only)

Get additional Cloud storage per 5Gb

$4 per month*

Hybrid w/ Desktop Sync

(Act! Premium Cloud only)

Deploy a desktop client and sync data back and forth to Act! Premium Cloud.
$10 per activation/month*

Linktivity Solutions

(Act! Premium Cloud only)

Create interactive quotes, forms, event registrations, and self-service calendar booking with Linktivity.
$22.50 per user/month*
*Featured add-ons are billed annually. **SMS4Act! text messaging plans start at $19 per month. Pricing is month-to-month and requires no annual contract. An active Act! Premium subscription is required.

To purchase, call 866-530-2718

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CRM Features and Benefits

Relationship & Activity Management
Customer management
Keep rich customer details, emails, documents, notes, history, activities, and more in one easy to find place.
Task & activity management
Track and prioritize calls, meetings, and to-dos—all associated with your contacts.
See exactly what you have planned for the day from your Act! calendar.
Notes & history
Keep a detailed record of interactions with customers and prospects so you have a full picture of each relationship.
Associate Contacts with their respective Companies to understand and manage engagements comprehensively.
Relationship timeline
See a visual chronology of all activities and communications associated with a customer or prospect.
Secondary contacts
Record basic information about people associated with a contact without creating a new contact record.
In-context maps & web info
See real-time information from the Web, in-context within each contact record - maps, social profiles, and more.
Call lists & Hot Leads
Zero in on your most interested leads with intelligent Call Lists that rank campaign recipients by level of engagement.
Notifications & alerts
Notifications and alerts ensure you stay on task and on time throughout your day.
Act! Companion - Mobile app
Stay connected to key Act! details from wherever you work with a mobile app for iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™.
Welcome page - User productivity dashboard
Start your morning with an overview of your top deals and key activities. Personalize to stay informed and productive throughout your day.
Mail merge
Send personalized communications to contacts or groups with unique data from their individual customer records.
SMS Text Messaging
Send text messages for promotions, appointment reminders, order updates, and more. Automatically track sends and replies for follow-up and reference.
Starting at $19 / mo
Online forms & surveys
Streamline the collection of customer data and generate leads with customizable forms for quote & service requests, surveys, and much more. Includes Link2calendar for self-service calendar booking.
Starting at $22.50 / month
(Cloud only)
Online event management
Make planning online events such as webinars, training sessions, virtual trade shows, and more, a breeze. From marketing to attendees, managing RSVPs, publishing event details, and sending reminders. Includes Link2calendar for self-service calendar booking.
Starting at $22.50 / month
(Cloud only)
Search & lookups
Find what you need in an instant with powerful search options.
Groups & filters
Organize similar contacts into groups for targeted communications or sales initiatives.
Dynamic groups
Organize similar contacts into dynamic groups based on criteria you define.
Advanced queries
Perform custom, comprehensive database queries, including searching multiple field types and ranges concurrently.
Opportunity & Pipeline Management
Opportunity management
Capture and manage key opportunity details, including status, value, estimated close dates, and more for every sales deal.
Sales process management
Manage opportunities using a simple, out-of-the-box sales process or one configured to fit your company’s sales methodology.
Products & pricing
Capture and manage your catalog in Act! and associate products and pricing to Opportunities.
Sales pipeline management view
See a complete, visual representation of your sales pipeline at-a-glance to project revenue, adjust strategy, and quickly focus efforts. In-context KPIs provide an instant roll-up of metrics like opportunity close rate, closed-won value, open deals, and more based on filters you apply.
Sales KPIs - Standard & custom
KPIs provide a quick look at sales activity and performance for the month or quarter. Create custom KPIs for additional insights into sales effectiveness.
Sales opportunity Kanban board
Move sales opportunities from stage to stage through the pipeline with a simple drag-and-drop motion, and watch your sales funnel update instantly.
Generate standard quotes in .doc format using optional Microsoft Word integration.
Advanced interactive quotes
Close more business with customizable online quotes. Includes automated follow-up activity scheduling & customer reminders, quote dashboards & reports, and secure payment processing. Includes Link2calendar for self-service calendar booking.
Starting at $22.50 / month
(Cloud only)
Reporting & Analytics
View and customize 80+ out of the box reports - from contact lists to activity reports to sales performance metrics.
Act! Insight - Dashboards & analytics
Guide decision-making with rich, actionable insights from interactive Act! Insight dashboards covering individual, team, and business performance. Monitor sales, marketing, and business health KPIs to drive smarter decision making.
Office integration - Export to Excel/Word
Interact seamlessly with Microsoft® Office from within Act!.