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Building loyal customer relationships is easier than you think. With powerful CRM and Marketing Automation tools in one, you can easily up your sales and marketing game – and ultimately create customers for life.

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You’ll never have to settle again. Why? Act! accommodates all the unique ways you work and adapts to any business. Plus, you’ll never grow out of Act!, because we offer a portfolio of solutions that fit your needs at any stage.

Here's what's possible with Act!.

Better marketing.

Set your brand apart with personalized campaigns and landing pages you build using turnkey templates. Automated workflows make it easy to stay engaged with prospects and customers. Know what’s working and how to prioritize your follow-up with actionable results.

More sales.

Keep track of every opportunity using a suggested sales process or one that’s personalized to fit your unique business workflows. Want to focus your time where you’ll get the biggest payoff? Powerful pipeline insights help you pinpoint your most winnable deals.

Happier customers.

Bring calls, emails, documents, and personal notes together in one, organized and easily searchable place. With a clear view of your relationship history, you can personalize every interaction to make customers feel valued and important to your business.

Customers love Act!. Here's why.

“The AMA platform has helped us simplify our marketing communication processes because it’s so easy to customize and update.”

Gordon Case
Director of Sales and Marketing
The Sherman Sheet

“Act! has been our lifeblood for more than 20 years — we rely on it for everything.”

Corrine Bryson
Founder and CEO

“If I didn’t have it, I’d be lost. I wouldn’t know where to turn. My Act! as a resource is worth at least $500,000 to me.”

Hal Hanstein
Cardinal Realty Group

“Even though Charter Capital’s team is just 20 percent the size it once was, the company’s still achieving 75% of its previous sales volumes. That is in large part due to Act!.”

Carey Wilbur
Founder & Partner
Charter Capital

“The biggest way Act! makes my work easier on a day-to-day basis is it allows me to come into the office and have my day planned out for me. It tells me who to call, when to call them, and what to say.”

Brent Sullivan, Loan Officer
Homeowner’s Financial Group

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