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Act! is a highly-rated CRM & Marketing Automation solution, but you don’t have a take our word for it! See for yourself what customers have to say about their successes with Act!.

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Listen to what our customers are saying about Act!

“If any business, be it small, medium, or large, has a need to manage its data, Act! is the way to go. You could look at cheaper programs or programs from some newer companies, but I'm going to go with somebody who's established, does a good job, and is always there for us.“
Jay Ratliff
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  • “We have students around the world because of Act!”

  • Building an Effective Marketing Operation with Act!

  • “Act! helps World Press Printing bring the highest quality printing products and services to its clients.”

  • “Simply put, we wouldn’t have written as much business as we have, without our adoption of Act!.”

  • “As Act!’s features continue to evolve, so do I—learning new ways to leverage the software to provide better service to my clients.”

  • “Act! has been our lifeblood for more than 20 years — we rely on it for everything.”

  • “If I didn’t have it, I’d be lost. I wouldn’t know where to turn. My Act! as a resource is worth at least $500,000 to me.”

  • “All these customer suggestions and ideas are recorded in Act!, so it’s an invaluable source of information.”

  • “Even though Charter Capital’s team is just 20 percent the size it once was, the company’s still achieving 75% of its previous sales volumes.”

  • “We can now also create really beautiful email templates in a way we couldn’t before.”

  • “With Act! Growth Suite, we’re now much better able to create more effective marketing campaigns.”

  • “I could see that Act! Marketing Automation would be the best solution integrated with the CRM side of Act!.”

  • “We need to be able to respond to each customer in the best way possible depending on who they are and how they interact with us.”

  • “It’s hard for me to envision what it would be like if we weren’t using Act!.”

  • “To me, having Act! is like having two or three low-cost employees working for me, and I’d say it’s increased my efficiency by around 40%.”

  • “Any time we send out an automated email using Act! Marketing Automation, website traffic spikes by about 30%.”

  • “I’m good at what I do because I have an incredibly thorough system with Act! right at the core of my business.”

  • “I can really tailor my marketing with Act! Marketing Automation.”

  • “Act! helps me see what’s coming down the road. I’d be lost without it.”

  • “I make sure everything I need is on Act! so I can get at my data whenever I want.”

  • “If we weren’t running Act!, we wouldn’t be able to manage a database as extensive as ours.”

  • “Being able to grow Hose and Rubber Supply as fast as we have is down to Act! giving us a sales structure that we’ve been able to build on.”

  • “The cloud-based version of Act! is fostering a more collaborative environment.”

  • “We’re in the relationship business so Act! is very much part of our everyday life. ”

  • “It makes everyone who uses it much more effective, and it means that even a small organization like ours can do much more.”

  • “I know that if we didn’t have Act!, we wouldn’t come close to achieving the 5,000 new memberships…”

  • “Act! gives us the information we need quickly and accurately…”

  • “OccuVAX now has the powerful CRM tool it needed and which was actually in its hands all along…”

  • “I believe that Act! gives me an edge.”

  • “It’s very satisfying to see our very own, customized CRM and sales support system evolving…”

  • “In terms of efficiency we’ve been able to improve productivity by at least 30% using Act!…”

  • “With Act! all members of our sales team can find out everything they need to know about a customer…”

  • “Act! is not just living up to our initial expectations, it’s exceeding them…”

  • “When customers bring in images of hairstyles, I scan them and add them to their file to keep a…”

  • “It’s quick, slick and cost-effective and has taken our productivity to a whole different level…”

  • “Act! offers a total service package that has helped us grow…”

  • “The great strength of Act! is its incredible flexibility when it comes…”

  • “By using Act! more fully, we’re able to turn more of our cold contacts into sales…”

  • die-zeit-logo “We knew we needed a proven CRM system that stored all our current and historic client data so staff…”

  • “Act! gives us the opportunity to personalize its features so we can tailor it to our exact needs.”

  • “Act! stood out from other customer and contact management systems.”

  • “I wouldn’t consider any CRM supplier other than Act!.”

  • “We couldn’t have grown as we have as a business if we didn’t have Act!.”

  • “Opportunities is one of the biggest improvements in Act!.”

  • “As far as I’m concerned, if I can’t see it in Act! then it doesn’t exist.”

  • “We thought we were using Act! to its full potential. Then we had some training from an Act! Certified Consultant.”

  • “Act! is simple, reliable and cost-effective, which is perfect for a smaller recruitment firm like mine.”

  • “There was an immediate improvement the moment we implemented Act! CRM.”

  • “Act! was the obvious solution when it came setting up a robust information system that everyone in the charity could work from and rely on.”

  • “With Act! CRM we can analyze everything down to the smallest detail.”

  • “I’m able to do probably three times the value of business with Act! because it helps me organize and schedule my time more efficiently.”

  • “Act! has lots of useful features that we need as a business, which we can tailor in the way that we need.”

  • “Act! has made us much more efficient and means things that used to take 30 to 45 minutes now take just 5.”

  • “When I send something out I want it to be personal and specific to them, so I’m not just spamming.”

  • “With Act! CRM, we have insights into a client’s situation that we didn’t have before.”

  • “With Act! CRM everything to do with the sales process, from customer management to the signing of contracts, is connected.”