Act! Web API Documentation


Act!’s web APIs make building Act! integrations a seamless experience. Act!’s web APIs are JSON-based REST APIs, which are simple and easy to use. Additionally, they support open standards, like OData, for powerful querying, and the OpenAPI Specification (Swagger) 2.0, so you can easily generate code or connect to other platforms, or try the API right in the documentation.

Getting Started with Act!

Get access to the API by signing up for a free Act! Premium trial.

Act! Early Access Developer Program

We’re excited to be working closely with several carefully selected third-party companies that are building plugins for the new Act! CRM launching in Spring 2021. These plugins will empower and delight Act! CRM users by creating additional functionality that enhances the front-end experience and connects to other applications important to Act! customers.

From building knowledge and support resources to making our Developer tools as helpful as possible, the Act! Early Access Developer Program is focused on creating a great developer experience. Look out for the full Act! Developer Program launching early 2021.