4 Tips for Better Sales and Marketing Practices for SMBs

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SMBs (small to medium-sized businesses) are still ruling the roost when it comes to companies thriving in the United States today. Recent statistics reveal over half of all Americans either own or work for small businesses and generate approximately two-out-of-three new jobs in our current economy. 

One of the many challenges facing today's SMBs is keeping sales high and marketing costs low. As a matter of fact, the majority of small business owners are responsible for overseeing operations in at least three different categories including sales and marketing. With all the hats SMB owners, managers and their staff members must wear, being behind the wheel of too many tasks is bound to cause a wreck eventually. So here's our list of four tips for better sales and marketing practices for today's SMB. 

1. Putting Social Media into Overdrive 

It almost goes without saying given all of our current technology, with handheld devices at everyone's fingertips, marketing on social media is almost a no-brainer. When advertising on these platforms, similar stats show that placing paid posts on these networks is an effective tool when it comes to online marketing. For example,

  • Revenues as a result of paid advertisements on these channels are set to reach $18 billion in 2019
  • Over 75% of B2C (business to consumer) companies are using promoted posts with more than 60% of these marketers consider them as being effective

While social ads ranked only slightly lower with just under 75% of B2C posting them and just under 60% of them marked as effective, still paying for advertising on these platforms is worthy of consideration.

2. Pushing the Review Envelope

Consumer review sites like Yelp! are growing in popularity and are becoming a powerful force for rising sales and better conversion rates. Back in the day when positive word-of-mouth advertising was golden, today's five-star rating placements on the internet are more like diamonds. These preferential reviews are seen by millions of people globally with almost 70% of Americans reporting positive posts are making them more likely to visit a business, use their services or purchase their products. 

While offering customers a discount for posting or paying for positive reviews online is a huge no-no, encouraging people to put up their opinions on these platforms is not only allowed but encouraged. Yelp! is more than happy to send businesses signage with a brand-related message and provide images used for linking directly to their site. Just as businesses encourage users to "like us on Facebook" or "follow them on Twitter," these online icons requesting consumers to leave their opinion online are becoming just as American as apple pie. 

3. Being Charitable and Community-Minded

While we're still on the subject of social media, cute and positive posts on these platforms are the most successful for obvious reasons. Just like kids, cats and dogs seem to saturate many feeds found on these channels, in a similar fashion, heartwarming stories, charitable causes, community-minded efforts and their events grab more attention from social media users. 

People just seem to get a warm and fuzzy feeling when they see a business associated with a certain charity, has sponsored a non-profit event or contributed to a cause. Seeing a brand shining in this type of positive light resonates with consumers long-term and they're more likely to make this "thumbs up" association prior to purchase and it will subliminally push them towards this conversion. 

4. Saving Time and Money Embracing Automation

On average, SMB teams spend almost a quarter of their workday on manual processes like inputting data for different departments including sales and marketing. This equates to almost a full day of wasted time during a normal work week spent needlessly on tasks that should be automated. Time is money and these valuable resources are better off being implemented elsewhere.

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