Time Management: The Key to Having More Time

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Time! It's something that most of us are always looking for more of, whether it be finding more time to spend at home with your family, or having more time to get the work you need done – accomplished. In every person's life, there has been a point where they have struggled with this predicament, leaving them wanting nothing more than to have a few more hours in the day. In order to accomplish this, you need to have a plan – like the saying goes, “failing to plan, is planning to fail”.

Time management is something that is a learned skill rather than something that is simply known. One of the first steps to time management is eliminating things that waste your time. This can be from over-socializing to simple things such as procrastinating on your work, doing the fun or easy and less challenging, but much less important work. It is important to understand that your time is yours to take care of, and if you let yourself get distracted or sidetracked, you are sabotaging yourself.

One of the best ways to manage your time management goals, is to set deadlines on most of the projects and work that you do. Make it known to others that you will be getting something done by a certain date or time. This way you will always know that you will be held accountable and it will help drive you to focus in on the task. Another way of stopping procrastination would be to identify and remove the items and devices that might be distracting or draw your attention away (i.e. the internet, social media, your cell phone, etc.). Stay focused and prioritize your tasks. Many find it helpful to make a list.

And you shouldn’t go it alone. There are so many tools, especially nowadays, at your disposal to help keep you organized, allowing you to better manage your time. Customer relationship management software is for more than just organizing your customers and prospects – you can use it to manage your entire business – including your to-do list. Finding ways to utilize various business tools together, can also help save time and ease your business processes. Did you know that Act! connects to a variety of apps that you may already use for your business needs? Click here to learn how you can use Act! with the business tools that you already use.

Time management isn't something that you are going to get right away. It takes time and dedication to being better at managing your time. These tips can help direct you and keep you on the right track, while helping you with any of the other challenges you might face.

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