CRM: On-premise or Cloud?

Everyone's talking about the cloud as the place for storing data and running applications. Recently the direction of travel has certainly been in its favour, but is it the right choice when it comes to customer relationship management software? Some are staunch cloud advocates, while others will take some persuading that on-premise solutions aren't still the best option. But what’s the reality?

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3 ways to use your CRM to keep customers

Customer loyalty and retention drive referrals and inevitably, revenue. Customer retention takes time to bear fruit and it is certainly worth investing your time and effort into it. Here are three ways a CRM can help you increase customer retention.

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Capture New Contacts: Connect Wufoo to Act!

If you already use Wufoo to build your online forms, chances are you know how easy it is to build forms to collect contact information from potential customers visiting your website. Now what if I told you there is a tool that will link your forms directly to your Act! Premium application?

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7 Apps to Connect to Act! using Zapier

Are you looking to take back time to focus on what you love rather than being bogged down by tedious tasks? Did you know that you can now connect Act! with many of the other online business optimization applications you are already using? Zapier makes this all possible. Start connecting your apps, automating tedious tasks, and making the most out of your contact management system today.

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How to choose the best CRM solution for your business

A Customer Relationship Management solution is a powerful tool that helps you collect, organize and understand key information about existing and would-be customers so you can do more and better business with them. Learn how to choose a CRM system that’s right for you.

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5 Tips to Build Your Database

It can be intimidating to start building your database if you are not sure how to begin. Or, if you already use a database, you may feel like you should be doing more to get a lot more contacts but are not sure how. Learn how to build, and buildup, your database in this post.

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The Best Way to Send Emails

There are so many ways to deliver email with Act!, but which is the right way? It depends, read on to learn why and how!

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Targeted Email Campaigns using Dynamic Groups in Act!

The owner of your company just asked you to send a notice to all of your customers to announce your new, refreshed website. Being the savvy marketing manager you are, you suggest using a combination of Act! email marketing and the easy-to-use Dynamic Groups.

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Improve Your Organization’s Productivity and Efficiency with the New Act! Web API

Organizations often have a compelling business requirement to efficiently transfer customer data between multiple applications quickly and accurately. Act! v18.1 Premium for Web and Act! Premium Cloud now include that capability with its easy-to-use API.

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Snappier with Zapier: Using Zapier to Import Data into Act!

With Act! Premium v18.1 you can easily connect Act! to Zapier to update your Act! contact data automatically from other applications including PayPal, Wufoo and Slack.

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