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The Best CRM for Real Estate

Looking for the best CRM for real estate companies? We break down the essential features, pros and cons of great CRM software designed for real estate businesses and independent realtors.

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3 sales funnel templates to help you convert like crazy 

This article will show you three real-life sales funnel examples and the types of content and resources each company uses to guide them through the funnel. You can use these examples as templates when building your own strategy.

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What is a Facebook pixel and how do you create it?

A Facebook pixel generates data, helps boost ad results and so much more. Here’s what you need to know about it and how to create your own Facebook pixel.

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10 marketing tools for your business growth

Learn the 10 marketing tools and strategies used by experts to accelerate their business growth using digital marketing.

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Trying to Boost Sales For Remote Teams? Use the Right CRM Tool

Working from home can be challenging, especially for sales reps and sales managers. See how the right cloud-based CRM and specific features can help.

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How to Write a Sales Script That Works

Writing a sales script that works isn’t a case of jotting down some clever lines. You should use it to gain an understanding of a lead's needs and come up with practical ways to help.

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The 9 Best Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

Collect valuable feedback from your customers with these 9 customer satisfaction survey questions. It's time to improve your customer satisfaction levels with Act!

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A Simple Guide to Improving Your Customer Experience Management

Understand the customer journey to learn how to boost your customers' perception of you. This guide explains customer experience management and how to get it right.

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How an Act! user became its most enthusiastic consultant

Act! expert for over 20 years, Frédéric Foures of APSYS reveals how he was seduced by the software solution and why he has been a faithful advocate for so long.

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Cloud-Based CRM: A Must-Have for Your Work-From-Home Business

Your business has a work from home policy. Which tools can ensure productivity? And can you save costs with the right cloud-based CRM? All the answers here.

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Nine Practical Steps to be More Productive at Work

Learning how to be more productive at work isn't difficult. Here are nine practical steps you can take to improve the way you work now.

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How to build a standardised sales process

Having a standardised sales process is of paramount importance for every business, but it can sometimes be hard to do. This article describes the steps that can be followed to make a standardised sales process and the different tips that can come in handy for companies looking to maintain an efficient sales cycle and to close more deals.

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