Act! in the cloud holds the key to ‘competitive collaboration’

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By switching from a desktop to an Act! cloud-based version, this firm of commercial real estate consultants discovered that it made their business better by enabling much greater collaboration among their team.

As a commercial real estate firm based in Washington DC, MGA, Inc. helps organizations
develop and implement real estate strategies.

Its clients include non-profits, associations, legal practices and government contractors, as well as financial service firms and technology companies, and over the years the company has built a rich database of contacts, which it has managed and added to by
using Act!.

From the start, Act! has given MGA’s managers an accurate picture of whom anyone in the team is talking to at any one time. However, because everyone in the team was running a desktop version of Act!, each was creating a separate database on their
own individual computers. That meant there was no central pool of knowledge about clients and deals that everyone in the team was able to access and share. Read More
"We chose Act! in the first place because we wanted a CRM that would help us to better understand, track and qualify our prospects and clients, but without having to wade through all of the non-essential features.”
Customer Results


• Act! has significantly improved collaboration within the business. Now information about clients and deals is shared and there is no duplication of effort.

• MGA chose Act! because they wanted a CRM that would enable them to understand a client’s situation and track progress of deals without getting distracted by unnecessary, non-essential features.

• The similarity between the desktop and cloud versions meant that switching between the two was problem-free because everyone was already familiar with Act! and how it works.


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