With Act! Premium, you have options.

Full-featured CRM and Marketing Automation for individuals and sales teams.


Act! Premium Desktop


(billed annually)

Experience the security and control of an on-premises solution where you deploy and manage the software.


Act! Premium Cloud


$40 (w/desktop sync)

(billed annually)

Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of a cloud-based solution where we handle all the technical details.

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Enhanced Features

Marketing Automation
Enhance your CRM by optimizing the ways you communicate with prospects and customers.



Entry-level email marketing capabilities to help you get the word out and stay in touch.

2,500 emails per month to unlimited contacts

  • Email marketing
  • 170+ responsive templates
  • Interactive template editor
  • Email tracking & metrics
  • Drip marketing 1
  • Visual workflow designer 1
  • Campaign calendar
  • Deliverability & compliance tools
+ $79*

+ $79*

(billed annually)


Powerful marketing automation features to engage your customers and grow your business

25,000 emails per month to unlimited contacts

Includes Basic features, plus:
  • Turnkey campaigns
  • HTML email editor
  • Social sharing
  • Landing pages
  • Surveys
  • Drip marketing
  • Visual workflow designer
  • Team Management
+ $199*

+ $199*

(billed annually)


Full-featured marketing automation and time-saving CRM workflow to connect your sales and marketing efforts

50,000 emails per month to unlimited contacts

Includes Select features, plus:
  • Marketing automation to CRM workflow
  • Response-driven nurture marketing
  • Asset tracking
  • Advanced lead capture
  • Lead management & scoring
  • Event marketing
  • Website activity tracking
+ $399*

+ $399*

(billed annually)


Sophisticated marketing automation features and valuable consulting services to fast-track your success

100,000 emails per month to unlimited contacts

Includes Complete features, plus:
  • Progressive profiling
  • A/B testing

*The Act! Marketing Automation subscription fee shown above is per account, billed annually. There is no per user fee for this service. 

Custom Tables

+ $10

(billed annually)

Custom Tables

Unlock the full potential of Act!. Leverage the power of Custom Tables to bring complex data sets, unique business processes, and specialized industry practices together in Act!. Learn more →
Dual Access (Desktop Cloud Sync)

+ $10

(billed annually)

Dual Access (Desktop Cloud Sync)

Leverage a hybrid deployment for maximum flexibility. Share and sync data between desktop and cloud instances of Act! to accommodate the unique ways you do business. This add-on option is available to Act! Premium Cloud customers only.
Enhanced Support

+ $10

(billed annually)

Enhanced Support

Experience VIP service with priority queuing, feature guidance by phone, appointment setting, and more.

Features and Benefits

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Desktop Cloud
[] [] CRM
Relationship & Activity Management
Customer management
Keep rich customer details, emails, documents, notes, history, activities, and more in one easy to find place.
Task & activity management
Track and prioritize calls, meetings, and to-dos—all associated with your contacts.
See exactly what you have planned for the day from your Act! calendar.
Notes & history
Keep a detailed record of interactions with customers and prospects so you have a full picture of each relationship.
Associate Contacts with their respective Companies to understand and manage engagements comprehensively.
Relationship timeline
See a visual chronology of all activities and communications associated with a customer or prospect.
Secondary contacts
Record basic information about people associated with a contact without creating a new contact record.
In-context maps & web info
See real-time information from the Web, in-context within each contact record - maps, social profiles, and more.
Call lists & Hot Leads
Zero in on your most interested leads with intelligent Call Lists that rank campaign recipients by level of engagement.
Notifications & alerts
Notifications and alerts ensure you stay on task and on time throughout your day.
Act! Companion - Mobile app
Stay connected to key Act! details from wherever you work with a mobile app for iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™.
Welcome page - User productivity dashboard
Start your morning with an overview of your top deals and key activities. Personalize to stay informed and productive throughout your day.
Mail merge
Send personalized communications to contacts or groups with unique data from their individual customer records.