Act! boosts customer satisfaction and specialist pension company benefits


When your reputation in a specialist financial market depends on the quality and independence of your advice, you need to make sure your company delivers the highest levels of customer satisfaction possible.

Unlike most other providers in the German company pensions market, Münchner Versorgungsmanagement AG (MVM) charges fees for the advice it gives, rather than earning commissions from product sales.

To ensure that its clients are comfortable with this non-standard arrangement, MVM must develop and maintain the highest levels of customer service. As MVM's CEO Micha Martin Lauterjung puts it: "Our top priority is the client and an understanding of their needs."

However, the company's historic system of databases and Excel spreadsheets to record client information, and mail-merge to personalize communication with them, was proving increasingly unwieldy for effective customer relationship management. Finding or recording information was difficult without access to up-to-date account data, or any way to easily and conveniently capture the details of on-going conversations and interactions with clients.

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Act! offers a total service package that has helped us grow, so I can wholeheartedly recommend it to others.
Customer Results


By enabling employees to share vital customer information across the entire company, Act! has helped MVM improve the transparency of its client relationships.

Act! has allowed MVM to configure individual business processes to their precise requirements, making the company more efficient and profitable.

The reports that Act! is able to generate about the success of individual campaigns mean that marketing activities can be optimally targeted.

The higher level of customer satisfaction is reflected in the increase in revenues and number of employees, with Act! making a significant contribution to that success, according to CEO Micha Martin Lauterjung.


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