Employment specialists put Act! to work


When a team of not-for-profit employment mentors needed to securely and more effectively manage a wealth of data - including highly sensitive client information - it was Act! they trusted to improve both productivity and preserve client confidentiality.

For over 50 years, specialist employment service, Morningside, has helped those with disabilities back into work using detailed personal information to help match them to their ideal job.

However, using a paper-based system to do this, limited access to client notes and business contact information, which meant those in the field were continually having to return to one of Morningside's four offices to get the information they needed. Unsurprisingly, that was a major drain on time and effort that would be better spent working with clients.

Based in Washington State, USA, Morningside is statefunded, which makes maintaining accurate and detailed records essential for ensuring this not-for-profit organisation is able to bill accurately for the work that it does.

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Act! gives us the information we need quickly and accurately, which means we can focus more time and effort on supporting clients.
Customer Results


Time saved on invoicing one week per month for each programme manager.

Morningside is now able to support over 700 clients return to work each year because it can quickly access up-to-the-minute information about their needs and those of potential employers.

68 field staff and managers have access to a centralized database of client and business information, fast-tracking client assessments and employment opportunities and reducing response time should issues arise.


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