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Act! The ultimate 'fitness' tool for sales

What does it take for one of Europe's premier health clubs to stay on top form when its membership is so fluid?

"Act! has become our bible when it comes to monitoring and managing new memberships, as it let's us trace the entire sales chain from initial contact, so we always know who's done what."

Diane Kay
Sales & Marketing Director



Real Estate



Act! Growth Suite








  • Act! gives Reebok Sports Club a competitive edge. Diane knows from her 'mystery shopping' at other gyms and fitness centers, that half of those she contacts never get in touch with her again. Many don't even ask for her details. Percentage of prospects followed up by using Act! - 100%
  • Time saved by a sales manager not having to resolve issues over individual sales figures - half a day a month approximately
  • Percentage of members who mistakenly receive a sales call after becoming members (an absolute 'no no' for the club) - 0%

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