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Cloud based solutions are the perfect choice for businesses who need flexibility in their CRM. Act! helps you run your business on your terms,
letting you work where, when and how you want to.


CRM software built for how you do business

Act! CRM's Cloud solutions offer unparalleled ease-of-access, cost-effectiveness and enhanced security
that give organisations like yours the flexibility you need to run your business as you see fit.

Instant online CRM access

Instant online access

Get going right away with instant online access to rich contact, calendar, and opportunity details accessible from your laptop, tablet, and mobile device. Work online for real-time access to Act! or work offline and sync changes when you connect next.

Secure Cloud CRM

Enhanced security

Put your mind at rest with a modern and secure Cloud environment. From automatic backups to robust recovery processes, Act! takes care of all the technical details so that you can keep your focus on what matters most, your business.

Predicatable costs

Predictable costs

Benefit from predictable payments that cover user licences, upgrades, technical support, and compatibility to other apps. Start building lasting customer relationships with a minimum upfront investment and scale up as your business grows.


Why choose Act! CRM in the Cloud?

  • Automatically receive product innovations, including upgrades, new features, and compatibility updates.
  • Benefit from onboarding experts who help you get setup, log in, and get started right away.1
  • Protect your data from loss or damage with automatic nightly backups and recovery.
  • Stay productive whenever you’re offline by accessing your Act! data in remote mode.
  • Get the comfort of a SOC 2 compliant solution ensuring you the highest level of security for your data.
  • Flexible hosting options including Private Cloud hosting for hightened security.
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What is Cloud based CRM?
A Cloud CRM, also referred to as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) CRM, is simply a Customer Relationship Management system that uses Cloud computing technology to host your CRM application. Essentially, this means your customer data is stored on the CRM vendor’s servers in a datacentre as opposed to a traditional CRM system where your customer data is hosted on a server in your office.
What are the benefits of Cloud based CRM?
Improved productivity, universal availability of information, cost-effectiveness, lack of installation and ongoing IT maintenance are just some of the many reasons it makes sense for so many organisations to adopt Cloud solutions like our own.
Is Cloud CRM better than on-premise CRM?
The most obvious difference between Cloud and on-premise solutions is where information and software is kept. While on-premise software deployment involves on-site servers, with the Cloud your data and CRM software are stored on remote servers, accessed through an internet connection. So one of the major benefits of Cloud CRM is that there is no hardware to install or software maintenance issues to worry about, compared to taking things in-house. And without the often significant upfront capital expenditure on computers and IT infrastructure or data centre costs, the Cloud’s ‘pay as you go’ approach is very appealing to many businesses.

For a full comparison of Cloud CRM solutions vs. on-premise, read our article CRM: Cloud or on premise.
Are Cloud solutions secure?
The mention of Cloud solutions can sometimes raise security concerns, but in reality, Cloud computing is often more secure than many private data centres. A good Cloud service provider will have robust processes in place to ensure your data is protected, accessible at all times, and regularly backed-up. To learn more about Cloud computing solutions, download our free guide Moving to a Cloud solution: 35 questions for you and your vendor.
Is Act! CRM SOC2 certified?
Attaining SOC 2 compliance is a rigorous audit process conducted by an independent agency and is a reliable indication of the vendor’s high-level commitment to data security. Act! Cloud solutions and processes successfully underwent the SOC 2 Audit process. Both our single-tenant and multi-tenant Cloud options provide you with a compliant platform, leaving you free to focus on your company’s success.
Are Act! CRM’s Cloud solutions GDPR compliant?
Act! CRM is a highly flexible and functional relationship management system, offering a wide variety of features that can help users to effectively manage their data processes, privacy and security in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations. To learn more about GDPR and our commitment to data protection, check out our GDPR Compliance resources page.
Where is Act! CRM’s data held?
Our public Cloud applications are hosted in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. We also offer Private Cloud options for a dedicated Cloud instance that enables you to tailor your environment to fit unique business needs or to comply with strict security mandates.


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1 Phone support 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and Webchat are offered 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. GMT Monday through Friday. Act! Technical Support Advisors reserve the right to limit each call to one hour or one incident

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