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Personalizing CRE Marketing Campaigns with CRM Insights

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Did you know that 71 percent of customers expect businesses to personalize all their interactions with them? Generic content just doesn’t cut it with the modern-day buyer, seller or tenant, especially when they’ve got plenty of options to choose from. Not surprisingly, companies that personalize well experience higher results than those that don’t. 

How then, can your commercial real estate business personalize your marketing campaigns? It all starts with your customer relationship management (CRM) system. Here are CRM personalization tips and marketing strategies you can use to get started.

Why personalized marketing matters

The simple answer—customers expect it. 

Consider that over 361 billion emails will be sent daily this year, a significant chunk of which will be marketing emails. You can’t expect to stand out in your target audience’s inboxes with cookie-cutter marketing messages.

The same also applies to social media and your website, among other channels. Personalizing your marketing messaging makes your brand and real estate properties more relatable for your audience. And this can make all the difference when it comes to conversion rates.

Data-driven marketing personalization also makes your prospects feel special. They’ll feel like the message was specially crafted for them—something important when you’re dealing with large transactions as in commercial real estate or similar fields.

a callout that says, "Did you know? 71% of consumers expect personalized interactions from businesses."

How can insights from CRM data drive personalized marketing campaigns?

CRMs can play a pivotal role in shaping your marketing approach and driving personalization. The right CRM system will collect valuable customer information and provide detailed analytics about your marketing efforts and customer behaviors

For instance, Act! for Commercial Real Estate helps you track real estate sales, marketing, and business metrics in real time on its built-in, customizable dashboard.

These insights can give you a glimpse into where your marketing campaigns are going. You’ll also know how you’re doing at each stage of your funnel. You can then tweak your approach to drive better results. 

How to leverage CRM insights to personalize your marketing campaigns

 an infographic that says: How CRM optimizes your marketing: 1. Improved segmentation 2. Automation 3. Funnel insights 4. Personalized messaging 5. Streamlined omnichannel marketing

You’ll have access to all types of CRM analytics if you choose the right solution for your business. Here’s how you can use your CRM as an effective tool to personalize your marketing.

1. Improved segmentation of your audience

The data provided by your CRM can help you understand the impact of your campaigns on your audience. Data on property inquiries, property profiles, and purchase history can give you an insight into what your prospects’ needs are. 

This can help you come up with a more focused definition of your client personas. And based on those, you can improve your segmentation. These hyper-targeted segments can help you personalize your messaging even further so you can recommend the right commercial properties to your prospects and clients.

2. Automate your marketing 

Automation will help you eliminate repetitive tasks and optimize your marketing team’s productivity. From emails to publishing social media posts, there’s a lot you can do through automation

But here’s the real deal—it also helps with personalization. Once you’ve got enough data on your prospects and clients through your CRM software, you can launch automated campaigns that help you personalize at scale. 

For instance, you can send automated welcome sequences to each segment by creating workflows. Similarly, you can send new property launch notifications and follow-ups to prospects with targeted messaging. 

All you need is a CRM like Act!, which enables email marketing automation (and more!). From response-driven nurture campaigns and automated lead scoring to sharing campaigns automatically on social media and building landing pages, you can do it all with other tiers of Act! Marketing Automation.

3. Eliminate roadblocks in your funnel

With a CRM, you can get a detailed insight into your sales funnel. You can see how many prospects make it from one stage to another and the ones who drop out. 

These insights can play a crucial role in helping you identify potential roadblocks stopping prospects from moving further down your funnel. 

For instance, if you notice most of your prospects dropping out just before the execution stage, you might have a problem with the team closing deals. You can then tweak your approach to boost the sales or leasing of your commercial properties.

You might drill down into this even further by filtering your CRM data analytics for individual audience segments. Then, use A/B testing to identify factors causing your prospects from those segments to drop out of the funnel. 

With Act!, it’s possible to filter your dashboards for factors like activity types, users, products, and more. You can also add custom fields specific to real estate for reporting, making it one of the best CRMs for commercial real estate businesses

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4. Send targeted property suggestions

With valuable insights gathered from your commercial real estate CRM, you’ll have better-defined individual customer segments. At the same time, you’ll have a laser-sharp definition of your ideal customer profile, and you’ll know customer preferences, dislikes, and pain points inside and out. 

This will enable you to launch highly focused marketing campaigns that they can find relevant. With automation, you can do it at scale, sending targeted commercial property recommendations to each prospect based on their requirements and behavior.

For instance, you can send restaurant property suggestions to those prospects who have a background in operating food joints. The higher the relevance, the better their chances of converting. 

5. Improve omnichannel marketing

The modern-day commercial real estate client has countless options at their fingertips. They can choose to interact with your real estate firm across multiple channels before making a representation decision. This is especially true when it comes to large-scale transactions like real estate, which have longer sales cycles.

When there are so many touchpoints through which your audience will travel, it’s important to ensure that you give them a streamlined and consistent experience. That way, regardless of the channel, they’ll feel connected to your brand. 

This is where CRM insights come to the rescue. By analyzing customer data from multiple channels, you’ll have a clear view of the customer journey. You can easily identify opportunities to improve their experience and enable them to move seamlessly across channels.

For instance, you could send out personalized email campaigns based on communication clients have with your real estate teams or customer relationship managers.

Up your personalization game with Act! for Commercial Real Estate

CRMs do more than just serve as a centralized database of your customer interactions. By using the insights derived from CRM analytics, you can improve your marketing personalization to boost property transactions and enhance customer experience

With a platform like Act!, you’ll also get access to marketing automation capabilities that can help your commercial real estate firm deliver personalized experiences at scale. Take a free test drive of Act! for Commercial Real Estate today to see how Act! can drive your commercial real estate business growth.

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