Manage detailed business data together with Customer data with Act! Custom Tables

Act! Custom Tables unlock the full potential of Act!, empowering users with comprehensive insights to develop targeted sales & marketing strategies, deliver personalized customer experiences, and take business to the next level.

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Custom Tables Benefits

Unlock the Full Potential of Act!

Most organizations manage their business with a unique mix of data, which is often stored in multiple systems, including spreadsheets. 

Act! Custom Tables add spreadsheet-like tables and functionality to help maintain detailed business data with customer data directly in Act!.

Key features & benefits:

unlock the full potential with custom tables
take business to the next level

Take Business to the Next Level

Managing business data in multiple systems impacts your efficiency, the accuracy of your data, and your ability to respond quickly to new opportunities. 

With Custom Tables in Act!, data can be analyzed holistically to develop targeted sales & marketing strategies, or at the individual customer level to provide personalized experiences.

Key features & benefits:

Customize to Unique Business Needs

Customizing software to the unique needs of a business can be costly, timely, and labor-intensive. 

Act! Custom Tables can be easily created and modified without the need for additional development resources. Custom Tables also include prebuilt industry templates to help you get started immediately.

Key features & benefits:

Who is Act! Custom Tables for?

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Customers love our award winning software!

“What I love about Custom Tables is that it’s a way of grouping and searching and being able to sort unique data as well as report on it. And, Custom Tables can be extended into Act! Marketing Automation so you can create a group from it and easily send out marketing communications.”

Debora Boyle
Act! Certified Consultant, President, Action Platinum Solutions

“I can build a group or a filter right out of Custom Tables and then develop a marketing piece for a trade-in opportunity, a new product that’s coming out, or notify customers about a service issue and send that to a particular group of customers using Custom Tables. I think it’s huge. And it’s probably one of the best things about Act.”

Greg Sprunk
Superior Cleaning Supplies, Inc.

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