Act! impresses specialist printing products firm


Even after a decade using Act!, Ryan Blieden is still discovering new ways it can help him increase productivity within his business, as well as make his life much easier.

Every month, Ryan Blieden processes 1,000 or so customer emails using Act!. That’s not bad for a managing director with countless other things to do.

This level of personal productivity is one reason Ryan was able to take his payslip consumables company to a market-leading position in Australia and New Zealand.

“Without Act!, we certainly wouldn’t have achieved the growth we did,” says Ryan. He’s now firmly focused on achieving similar success for PPS Office – which supplies printing products for warehouse use – and once again Act! is playing a central role.

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"We wouldn’t have achieved the growth we have without Act!.”
Customer Results


Ryan is able to effectively manage and keep in contact with over 5,000 customers and 8,000 contacts within his Act! database.

Act!’s KPI dashboard enables Ryan to better manage his team of sales people because he can see emails sent, calls made and tasks completed.

By using Opportunities, Ryan can much more easily stay on top of product costs, prices and customer discounts.

Ryan finds that Act! works seamlessly with Microsoft® Office making it very easy for him to keep track of emails and documents.

Ryan has saved hours of time by speaking with an Act! Certified Consultant.


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