Act! brings new energy to organization


For many companies looking to improve sales and customer service, Act! has become the first-choice CRM, but it can be a powerful management tool for any organization looking to stay on top of multiple projects.

While a CRM like Act! is generally considered a marketing tool, it is of equal benefit to a non-commercial organization. Take the Energy Technology Partnership (ETP), for instance.

This alliance of twelve Scottish universities carries out world-class research and development across a range of energy-related technologies, including wind, marine, solar and biomass. With some 250 academics and 600 researchers involved, it’s the largest research partnership of its kind in Europe.

Brian Cross is the project manager. At any one time, he’s juggling 120-130 projects, all at different stages… something he’s able to do using Act!.

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“As far as I’m concerned, if I can’t see it in Act! then it doesn’t exist.”
Customer Results


A team of seven business development managers spread across different Scottish academic institutions all use Act! to record in detail every conversation and meeting they have about any project.

Act!’s reporting function allows ETP to generate up-to-the-minute progress reports on exactly what is in the pipeline.

Act! has proven to be much more user-friendly and customizable than other CRM programs tried in the past.


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