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Whether it's providing snacks, cans, crisps, or cups of fresh coffee, Act! is helping one leading vending machine company to connect better with its customers.

"Act! has helped us to improve the structure of our internal systems so we can make better use of external data."

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  • The efficiency of Act! has increased productivity in the sales team, enabling them to deal with more customer calls each day. What's more, since the account managers know where each of their customers is in the buying cycle, they can make contact with them just the right moment to service their needs.
  • Because of that increased ability to target customers and prospects with the right product information at the most appropriate moment, the company has been able to reduce the length time from first contact to sale.
  • From an administration perspective, data can also be captured faster and shared much more easily amongst the whole team, who have the confidence of knowing that the information they have in front of them is accurate and current.

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