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How to create and manage a newsletter

In our previous post we discussed how to organize all of your contacts. Once your email list is organized, a newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with customers and prospects, and we offer a few key tips in this post. 

A newsletter is a great marketing tool for several reasons. For one thing, while there are many free social media marketing tools, paying for more advanced capabilities on these platforms may stretch the budget of some small companies. A newsletter is virtually free to create and send.

To get started, first figure out your goals for the newsletter. Do you want to promote products, drive sales, or increase traffic to your website and social media pages? Once you determine your objectives, planning the newsletter content and calendar should be far easier. (If you organized all of your contacts from our Topic 1 blog, your distribution list should be ready to go!) Finally, you’ll just need to create a custom design or choose one from a template library, which is readily available from solutions like Act!

Before sending your email newsletter, you’ll want to ensure you’re meeting privacy and opt-in regulations, determine the best day and time of the week to reach customers, and test for success to optimize future newsletters!

Best of all, you can also promote your newsletter through social media, which we’ll cover in our next post, “How to start a Facebook page.