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Hesitant about email marketing? You’re probably already doing it.

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Are you hesitant to use email marketing because it feels intimidating? You’re not alone. Many of our customers have expressed the same reservations – that email marketing seems too complex and expensive and likely requires extra staff or skills to execute it effectively. Ironically though, as we dig a bit deeper into how they communicate with their prospects and customers, we learned that many of them are actually already using email marketing, perhaps without even knowing it!

Did you know?

Every time you send your prospects or customers an email, including a contract renewal, appointment reminder, quote, or promotion, you are using email marketing. Email marketing is simply a means to build relationships and encourage communication between your prospects and clients and your business. When used effectively, email marketing creates interactions, and helps to move your prospects through your sales funnel; from letting them get to know your business and offerings all the way to trusting your business enough to purchase from you. And, it doesn’t stop there, once they become your customers, you can use email marketing to foster loyalty and improve your customer retention. 

An infographic outlining all the ways people use email marketing.

Now that you know the basics of email marketing, let’s talk briefly about what may feel even scarier and that’s marketing automation. But rest assured, there is nothing to be scared of here as marketing automation actually simplifies email marketing by letting you automate the emails you’re already sending – so they will be automatically delivered to your prospects and customers every time they engage with your business, whether it’s with your email inbox, website, landing pages, or forms. You simply create your emails in advance, select when and to whom you’d like them to go, and voila! you’re using marketing automation! Besides unbelievable time savings, you also benefit from the robust reporting you receive from marketing automation. You can see who is and is not reading your emails, clicking on your links, or visiting your web pages. 

Getting started is easy

We’re here to help you get started. Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) is an intuitive marketing automation tool that comes pre-built with over 170 professionally designed email templates and campaigns that you can begin using right away. Worried about the price? Don’t be. AMA Basic is already included with your  Act! Premium subscription and is fully scalable so you can add features and functionality as your business grows without having to pay for it beforehand. 

We also provide comprehensive training resources including a whole library chocked full of short, easy-to-digest videos that walk you through how to create emails to setting up automated campaigns, and more. From there, you can use AMA’s reporting and dashboards to analyze your success and adjust your campaigns as needed. And, our Customer Success team is standing by via telephone or chat if you have any questions along the way. 

Next Steps

Like most activities, it’s best to walk before you run. If you’ve been using email to communicate with your prospects and customers you’re already well on your way.  Now it’s as simple as trying AMA. 

In no time you’ll be using automated emails to send personalized communications to your prospects and clients and nurture those important relationships by keeping your brand top of mind.  As you establish rapport and trust, you’ll see your audience engagement increase and you’ll experience the ease and value of automated emails. As your confidence increases, your growth is limitless! 

For a limited time, save 25%* on Act! Marketing Automation! To learn more, call us at 855-366-8242 or contact your Act! Certified Consultant.

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*The Act! Marketing Automation subscription fees are per account, billed annually. There is no per-user fee for this service. The 25% discount applies to the first year of Act! Marketing Automation paid plans, or for the remainder of the current Act! subscription term. Offer cannot be applied to Act! Growth Suite plans or existing Act! Marketing Automation plans. Offer ends June 30, 2023.