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Ways To Drive Sales With Act!

Act! is not only a popular software option for growing businesses; it’s an essential one. Act! can help you every step of the way from helping you to nurture leads, create an effective pipeline, and increase your customer retention rate. There are several ways in which you can grow your business, and more importantly, drive sales with the effective use of Act!.

Here are five Act! best practices:

1. Create a web form on your website to generate leads and put them into your Act! database so that you can follow up with these leads accordingly. Act! emarketing allows you to create web forms and more importantly, it automatically enters those new leads into Act!.

2. Use the Record Manager fields to designate the sales person associated with a Contact. This will allow you to keep track of all your leads to see how often, when and by whom they are being contacted.  This will also help you to do a bit of “load balancing” so that each team member gets their fair share of leads. In addition, it will ensure that each customer gets the individualized attention that they deserve.

3. Use the Documents tab to quickly and effectively share important documents. Act! v18 allows you to easily link to documents, folders and even online storage locations.

4. Create a Sales Pipeline so you can measure the performance of both the company as a whole and your individual team members. A well constructed Sales Pipeline has several additional benefits. For example, manufacturers will be able to forecast projected orders. Best of all, a good Sales Pipeline will prevent important sales from “falling through the cracks” of your Act! database!

5. Make use Dynamic Groups to track leads, current opportunities, and existing customers. Want to make sure that a new lead follows a six-step process? Should your best customers be called on a quarterly basis? Need to make sure you’re following up on your Pipeline opportunities once a week? Dynamic Groups are a great way to automate all of your processes in Act!.

Remember, Act! is designed to make you more productive, efficient and profitable! Hopefully these tips will help you to become all three.


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