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Your days consist of managing your calendar and activities to help build your business. So these areas should all talk to each other, and make your workflows smarter and more efficient.
Act! compiles all your customer data in a single place, to surface the right information at the right time so you can present the right message.
In a small business, you are marketing as much as you are selling. With an email template library and marketing automation features, Act! has the capabilities you need to amplify your message and reach more of the right people.
The bottom line. At the end of the day those three words drive everything. Act! allows you to focus on the primary goal of increasing bottom line results with sales features like opportunity management and prioritized call lists.
Don’t just monitor the process; learn from it. With pipeline management and robust reporting, you can finally gain critical insight about your business and customers to propel your business even faster up and to the right.

Top Reasons to Choose Act!

1. #1 Best-selling Contact & Customer Manager

Join millions of successful users who also chose Act!. Act! is the #1 best-selling Contact & Customer Management choice of individuals, small businesses, and sales teams, like you.

2. Deployment & Installation Options

With Act!, the decision is yours whether to install and manage the software on-site, or leave it to us to host via a secure Cloud implementation. Access Act! on-premises, on the web, and on your mobile device.

3. Dozens of Amazing Features

Get access to dozens of innovative features and services so you always have the latest & greatest.

4. Expert Technical Support & Training

Expert technical support & training resources are included, so it's easier than ever to get the help you need.

5. Exclusive Integrations

Stay connected to the tools and apps you love, with exclusive access to hundreds of Act! Connect integrations.

6. Regular, Timely Updates

Timely system compatibility updates ensure your Act! solution stays compatible with current business applications and platforms – including Windows®, Outlook®, Google™, and more.

7. Email Marketing

Basic Act! emarketing is included with your purchase of Act! at no extra cost, giving you the tools you need to reach new prospects, stay connected with your customers, and prioritize new opportunities.

8. Purpose Built & Customizable

Purpose-built for the small-medium size market, but customizable to fit your specific business needs.