Why Act!

Millions of users worldwide trust Act! to grow their small businesses, so you know you’re in good company and in good hands.

The perfect fit

The perfect fit for your small business, Act! can be tailored to meet your unique business and industry needs.

The trusted choice

The proven and trusted choice, Act! is a recognized leader with millions of users worldwide.


What can Act! help you do?

Check out this brief video to see how Act!, the trusted choice of millions worldwide, can help you build lasting relationships, drive business growth, and close deals faster.


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See why millions worldwide chose Act!

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Highly rated CRM + Marketing Automation


What is CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology platform that enables you to manage all the details of your customer relationships. A CRM platform will help you build lasting relationships, fuel business growth, manage your sales opportunities more efficiently and effectively, and provide insights into your business performance. Bottom line, a CRM platform like Act! will help you grow your business!