Database Management

Learn how to make changes to your Act! CRM account as well as set up the users who will access your database.

How do I Manage my Act! CRM Account?

How do I Manage Users in Act! CRM?

How do I Reset my Act! CRM Password?

How do I Control the Information each Act! CRM User can Access?


Importing Data

Learn how you can import existing data from a number of sources, or how to import demo data to practice using the system’s features.

How do I Import Data From a Spreadsheet?

How do I Import Data Directly From Another Act! Database?

How do I Import Demo Data?


Integrating Email Systems

Learn how to integrate your Act! CRM product with either Microsoft Outlook or Gmail in order to record emails automatically within your database Contact records.

How do I Record Outlook emails into Act! CRM Automatically?

How do I Synchronize my Outlook Contacts and Calendar with Act! CRM?

How do I Integrate Gmail with Act! CRM?


Integrating With Third Party Programs

Learn how to integrate your Act! CRM product with hundreds of other applications allowing your whole suite of business software to work side by side automatically.

What is the Zapier Service?

How Can I Set Up a Zapier Connection?


Customizing Act! CRM

Learn how to customize your Act! CRM database to meet your own specific business requirements including creating your own fields, amending your layouts and even creating your own new sections of the program.

How do I Create and Edit Fields in Act! CRM?

How do I Change my Layout in Act! CRM?

What Are Custom tables and How Do I Create One?


Act! CRM Features

Learn how make use of the core functions contained within Act! CRM.

How do I Work With Contacts?

How do I Set Up and Work With Groups?

How do I Set Up and Work With Companies?

How do I Create an Activity in Act! CRM?

How do I Create an Opportunity in Act! CRM?


Act! Marketing Automation

Learn how to configure your Act! Marketing Automation account and start sending emails.

What Settings can I configure as an Act! Marketing Automation Admin?

How to create and edit templates in Act! Marketing Automation

Landing Pages in Act! Marketing Automation

How to send marketing emails in Act! Marketing Automation

More Act! Marketing Automation resources


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