Getting Started with Act! CRM Classic

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Import Your Contacts

Get started by uploading your existing contacts in to Act!. Import from a CSV, another CRM, or upload an existing Act! database.



Take a Tour of Act! CRM Classic

Become familiar with your new Act! workspace via video and guided walkthroughs of key features. Or, sign up for an in-depth overview with an Act! specialist.


Start Using Act!

Get step-by-step instructions on creating contacts, groups, activities, and more. Plus, access videos, guides, and how-to articles to help you make the most of Act!.

Welcome to Act! CRM Classic! Here’s a Quick Start Guide to help you get started. Step 1: Import your contacts or insert demo data. Watch this step-by-step video to walk you through the import process.

Take a Tour of Act! CRM Classic

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Act! 101: Getting Started with Act! CRM Classic

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Create a Contact


Create a Group


Configure an Activity


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Need additional help?

Visit the Act! CRM Classic Resource Center for access to training videos, knowledgebase articles, and more.

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