Act! v21 Product Downloads (U.S. and Canada)

Note: Act! v21 Hot Fixes and Updates apply to Act! Pro, Act! Premium, Act! Premium (access via web), and are applicable to all locales, including Australia, Canada, UK, Europe, and Latin America. Updates are cumulative; just install the most recent update file to bring your copy of Act! up-to-date.


Note: If you are an Act! Premium Cloud customer running an offline client, please review these important notes before updating your offline client.

Release Date TitleFile NameFile Size
9/13/2019 Act! v21.0 Update 9 act2100update9.exe225 MBDownload
9/06/2019Act! v21.1 Update 4act2110update4.exe205 MBDownload
7/08/2019Act! v21.1 Update 3act2110update3.exe145 MBDownload
5/17/2019Act! v21.1 Update 2act2110update2.exe136 MBDownload
5/02/2019Act! v21.1 Update 1act2110update1.exe135 MBDownload
3/01/2019Act! v21.0 Update 7act2100update7.exe168 MBDownload
2/16/2019Act! v21.0 Update 6act2100update6.exe168 MBDownload
12/20/2018Act! v21.0 Update 5act2100update5.exe95 MBDownload
11/30/2018Act! v21.0 Update 4act2100update4.exe93.4 MBDownload
11/28/2018Act! v21.0 Update 3act2100update3.exe93.4 MBDownload
11/20/2018Act! v21.0 Update 2act2100update2.exe93.4 MBDownload
11/07/2018Act! v21.0 Update 1act2100update1.exe84.7 MBDownload