Contact & Activity Management

Capture and track detailed customer information, manage calendars, and prioritize activities.

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Contacts & Groups

Keep contact details, including emails, phone numbers, documents, and social media updates in one organized place so you have a comprehensive view of each customer. Easily customize over 60 fields for a more personalized experience, and see a visual representation of all interactions with a particular contact with the Contact Timeline.

Organize customers and prospects by grouping similar contacts using advanced query tools, so you can deliver targeted email marketing messages or sales offers to select customer segments.


Calendar & Activities

Manage schedules and keep track of activities and events such as meetings, to-dos, and phone calls for yourself or your team on a shared calendar, so you stay focused on top priorities and make the most of your day.

Notes & History

Quickly capture meeting and call notes, record emails, and write reminders for each contact to maintain comprehensive contact records.

A sortable contact history view helps you easily locate, analyze, and act on information within a dynamic view of all completed activities and system actions.

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