Act! Premium Contact Link

Streamline your workflow, save time, and ensure you maintain a complete record of all customer and prospect interactions with Act! Premium Contact Link. This essential tool enables users of Outlook® and Act! to quickly and easily identify Outlook email recipients as contacts in Act!, or to add new contacts to Act! directly from an Outlook® email.

Users of Act! Premium Contact Link can see past interactions with known email contacts directly from within Outlook®, including Activities and History items. Act! History records are created from communications in Outlook®, with the text of the email being attached to all contact records.  Additionally, users can create and schedule Act! To-Dos with known contacts in the email.

Use of Act! Premium Contact Link requires an active subscription to Act! or an active Business Care agreement.

System Requirements / Compatibility

  • Office 2013, Office 2016 PC, OWA for iPad or iPhone
  • Outlook Web Access

Setup and Configuration Notes