Feature highlights

  • Quickly and easily identify Outlook email recipients as contacts in Act!.

  • Add new contacts to Act! from Outlook emails.

  • See past interactions with known email contacts from within Outlook, including both activities and history.

  • Create Act! history records from Outlook emails, attaching the email text to your Act! contacts.

  • Create and schedule Act! activities with known email contacts.

System requirements & compatibility

  • Office 365, Office 2016 PC, Office 2013, Exchange, and OWA for iPad or iPhone
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Outlook.com
  • Outlook for Mac 15.31 or higher

Setup & configuration notes

Requires an active Act! subscription and use of either Act! API or Act! Connect Link depending on deployment method. The Act! API is pre-enabled for Act! in the Cloud. Users will be required to provide a URL to establish a connection to Act! Connect. See details.