Act! Premium Cloud Launches Exclusive Linktivity Bundles

Act! Premium Cloud Launches Exclusive Linktivity Bundles

Integrated productivity tools for Act! cloud users

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Dec. 12, 2023 – Act!, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation solution for small to medium-sized businesses (SMB), today announced three solutions that streamline SMB operations, and add new dimensions to meaningful customer interactions.  

Link2quotes+, Link2forms+, and Link2events+, can generate leads, manage events, streamline appointment tracking and increase sales for users of Act! Premium Cloud.

  • Link2quotes+ – Develop online quotes to close more deals
  • Link2forms+ – Design engaging forms to generate more leads
  • Link2events+ – Promote events, maximize attendance and follow-ups

“This has been an historic year for Act! in terms of introducing tools, workflows, and platforms that not only optimize business effectiveness, but also deliver an improved user experience at a very competitive price. These Linktivity modules expand capability for our customers, and I would say embody our commitment to delivering increasing value. These are tools we believe will help our cloud users optimize and integrate customer touchpoints” said Act! CEO Bruce Reading. “From generating leads to closing more deals, Link2quotes+, Link2forms+, and Link2events+ represent a tremendous opportunity for Act! users to expand their go-to-market capacity and should give anyone shopping for CRM a reason to seriously consider Act!”

Link2quotes+: Accelerate Sales with Online Quotes 

Creating and managing quotations is a critical aspect of any successful business. With Link2quotes+, Act! Premium Cloud users can craft customized, branded quotes, track when they’re viewed by prospects, automatically schedule follow-ups, and process payments securely upon quote acceptance. 

Link2forms+: Fuel Your Sales Funnel with Ease

Engaging customers and generating leads is made effortless with Link2forms+. This powerful tool allows you to create customizable forms for various purposes, from newsletter sign-ups to service requests. Categorize and segment leads for targeted follow-ups, run comprehensive reports for actionable insights, and automate responses for enhanced customer satisfaction. 

Link2events+: Promote & Manage Online Events

Planning and promoting online events can be challenging, but Link2events+ makes it a breeze. From marketing to attendees and managing RSVPs, this all-in-one events solution seamlessly integrates with Act! for a comprehensive event management experience. 

Link2calendar is included with each of these modules:

Link2calendar: Streamline Appointment Management 

The hassle of scheduling meetings with prospects and customers is a thing of the past with Link2calendar. Act! Premium Cloud users can now effortlessly share their calendars via an online link, allowing customers to book available times that sync directly with the Act! calendar. 

Available exclusively through Act!, Linktivity bundles are available to Act! Premium Cloud users in all regions starting at $22.50/£18/€20.25 per user per month. 

For more information on how you can get started, please contact our small business experts today at or call (866) 873-2006.

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Act! is a leading provider of comprehensive CRM and marketing automation solutions that connect businesses with their customers. The company’s offerings provide unrivaled value with more marketing capabilities than other similarly priced CRMs. With Act!, professionals build relationships, not just transactions. The company’s all-in-one solution supports small and medium-sized professional businesses at any stage.

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