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Switching to Act! pays off for mortgage specialist

The ability of Act! to capture, retrieve and use customer information can give a small business the competitive advantage.

"When every other small mortgage broker is embracing technology, I believe that Act! gives me an edge."

Paul Barnden



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  • Much faster retrieval of archived material about his clients, which means Paul can save up to one hour a day.
  • Ability to react instantly when clients get in touch after what can be long periods.
  • Immediate access to client information gives the sense of professionalism that Paul wants for his business.
  • If problems do occur during the mortgage process, Paul can address them quickly, helping clients secure the homes that they want.
  • Act! offers a much more organized approach to communication, with clients being contacted at the right time and in the right way.
  • Act! is an uncomplicated system that’s simple to learn and use for any single person business that needs to manage its client base more effectively.

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