Act! Employee Spotlight

Alex Mowery

Alex Mowery headshot for careers page

Meet our Senior Software Developer, Alex Mowery!

At Act!, our CRM and marketing automation solutions make it easier for our customers to grow a customer base and strengthen those relationships for the long term. At the core of what we do is a strong foundation of software solutions that hit on the most pressing needs of today’s small- mid-sized- businesses. Meet Alex Mowery, a senior software developer at Act! who brings a curiosity and passion for problem-solving to his work that ensures we’re always putting out the best possible products and experiences for the businesses that need them the most.

Department: Software Development
Office location: Scottsdale, AZ

What do you do at Act!?

I am a senior software developer at Act!, working mostly on front-end products, like Act! Premium. In my position, I’ve also been responsible for leading development around Act! Companion, our mobile application, for Android and IOS.

What brought you to Act!?

I’ve spent much of my career in the software development space, and after several years in developer roles, I connected with a recruiter who introduced me to Act!. From the start, I could tell that my skills were a perfect fit for what the job entailed. I also knew I wanted to find a position that allowed me to work on projects that were not only fun to be a part of, but also that had a more visible impact on the experiences my work would be providing to customers.

What makes working at Act! different from other places you’ve worked in the past?

Act! has a really great corporate environment, bringing the culture and ingenuity of a startup into a place that’s a really well-established CRM and marketing automation brand. And in that sort of approach, I’ve experienced a real commitment to getting things done. I think sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in procedure and bureaucracy, but everyone at Act! is so hard-working and eager to make an impact. 

Working at Act! is something that really conforms to my needs and to what allows me to deliver my best work. As an organization, the work-life balance is flexible—that level of trust and autonomy is really unique and is something that empowers me to do my best work. 

What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment during your time at Act!?

I really enjoy seeking out challenges and finding ways to address and improve them. I’ve been particularly proud of a build system I developed for our mobile app. For us on the development side, there wasn’t really a way for us to get builds out to testers without taking time to change text and validate those builds. To tackle that problem, I created a system that was able to automate that process, saving us valuable time along the way.  Seeking out those opportunities to improve our workflows and boost productivity is always rewarding.

How has your professional life influenced your personal life, and vice versa?

Whether at work or at home, I love to solve problems. I’m constantly learning new ways to accomplish tasks in my day-to-day life, and much of that knowledge makes its way into the projects I like to work on in my spare time. Likewise, when I’m playing around with a personal project, whether it’s building a game or another tool, I frequently take learnings from there and find ways to apply them in my work responsibilities as well. The work experiences and personal experiences are very much blended together in a way that helps me grow and learn in everything I do.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I have a two-year-old daughter, so I try to spend as much time with her and my family as possible. But when I have some downtime, I love to play music. I spent a good amount of time in my 20s playing in bands, and still have a passion for playing whenever I can. I have all kinds of instruments, from guitars to drum kits, and am always coming up with something new to try out. Apart from that, I also like to spend time either playing video games or catching up on shows on all my favorite streaming platforms.