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Note: It is recommended to review the system requirements here. Once downloaded, Act! installation files are saved to default location determined by the version of Windows® you are running. The Act! installation panel appears automatically when the download is complete.

During the install/registration process we recommend you have a reliable internet connection to allow your new Act! Application to register/validate your serial number and the Act! version number.  By installing and registering your new version of Act!, you are consenting to have your serial or registration number, your Act! version number, and your unique MAC computer identifier provided to Act!. View details

If you are using 3rd party plugins with Act!, please note that installation directory for plugins has changed compared to prior versions.  Please visit the following knowledge base article for more information. View article.

International English (US, CA, LA, UK, EU, AU, NZ)

(version 24, 1.4 GB)

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