With Act! on board, flying charity takes off


When Act! works so effectively in a commercial environment, why not use in the not-for-profit sector? That was Kevin Robinson’s thinking when he set up Wings4Kidz to transport seriously ill children and their families from rural areas to major hospitals.

Going for regular life-saving treatment is a grueling reality for many families with sick children. It often involves long car journeys and overnight stays that take their toll on everyone involved.

But in parts of Australia, where hospital visits can mean a 1,200 mile round trip, moving closer to the treatment center is basically the only option. With no chance to go home even on weekends, given the distance, this massive disruption can rip families apart.

However, many are being spared having their life turned upside down in this way thanks to Wings4Kidz, a charity that flies sick children from remote rural areas for treatment for free. Its ability to do this is in large part down to Act!, as founder of the charity, Kevin Robinson, explains.

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"Act! was the obvious solution when it came setting up a robust information system that everyone in the charity could work from and rely on."
Customer Results


Act! is enabling Wings4Kidz to meet its goal of 3,000 flights and 12,000 passenger journeys every year.

By using Act! as a central source of detailed information, the Wings4Kidz team can provide a personalized experience for every sick child, and their family, who flies with them.

With so much competition among charities for donations and sponsors, Act! helps Wings4Kidz present the most professional image possible.


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