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We all know that being a hairdresser involves technical expertise, creative flair, identifying trends and advising clients, among other skills, but it is also a matter of nurturing business relationships. Recording the details of these relationships is vital to maintaining them, from when a client’s last appointment was and the nature of their treatment to what proportions of dye were used. “For years, I recorded these details by hand, either on paper or in books, until I decided to computerize my business,” the owner, Réal explains. “I chose Act! because of its flexible features and the fact that it was available in French and is easy to use, which remains true with the current version.” Read More
When customers bring in images of hairstyles, I scan them and add them to their file to keep a record of their personal style.
Customer Results


Act! is the business’ main management tool, with applications spanning organization, customer relationships and direct marketing. The objective? Developing a more personalized approach to improve service, increase customer loyalty and encourage word of mouth referrals.
  • 1 workstation with the latest version of Act!
  • Database back-up on local disc
  • 800 entries in the Act! database


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