Act! — in for the long haul with trucking firm


In the trucking industry, where businesses are built on relationships and deals are still sealed with a handshake, Act!’s ability to record and manage every detail can be critically important to a long-established company like Sherman Brothers.

Trucks are the lifeblood of the American economy. They carry over 70% of the 10.5 billion tons of freight transported in the country every year and for nearly half a century, Sherman Brothers Trucking has been part of this vital industry.

Operating out of Oregon and Arkansas, the company’s fleet of 200 flatbed vehicles hauls equipment and materials to and from steel mills, fabricators and construction sites across the US and into western Canada. They also have tankers transporting chemicals and for good measure, a brokerage division setting up deals for other haulers. Read More
Act! has become such an integral part of what we do, that I’d recommend any business take a look at it . . . absolutely.
Customer Results


  • There are 17 Act! users at Sherman Brothers Trucking, mostly in the sales and upper management teams. 
  • Act’s database stores the contact history for 2000+ customers across the United States and into western Canada.
  • With every contact accurately recorded in Act!, the company has a detailed history they can call upon to view previous quotes.
  • Sherman Brothers Trucking recently updated from Act 6.0 to the latest 20.1 Cloud version, with the conversion taking just two days


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