Act! - injects new life into CRM


It wasn't until they started using a different CRM system that this leading provider of on-site influenza vaccination clinics discovered Act! really had been the answer to its sales and relationship requirements all along.

Flu costs millions of hours in lost productivity each year, so many companies use specialist providers, like OccuVAX, to vaccinate their staff against it.

Working across all US states, OccuVAX takes on the whole process of running on-site vaccination clinics, from scheduling appointments through to providing the vaccine and the nurses to inject it.

Back in 2005, the company identified the need for reliable CRM software and soon alighted on Act!. “But we never seemed to get the most from it,” says Tina Coleman, OccuVAX’s Director of Sales and Operations.

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OccuVAX now has the powerful CRM tool it needed and which was actually in its hands all along. It wasn’t that Act! was wrong for us, it was just that we weren’t using it properly.
Customer Results


With Act! reinstalled as its CRM software of choice, OccuVAX has been able to:

  • Dramatically increase the user-friendliness of its CRM system.
  • Speed up individual 'transactions' so that the overall productivity of all teams ismuch improved.
  • Cut 20 hours and more from weekly management time.
  • Make new staff immediately more productive by training them to use Act! in just half an hour.
  • Reduce the time needed to produce management reports by 10 hours a month.
  • Much more effectively manage the database of 25,000 nurses, whose details and licenses are constantly being updated.


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