Act! keeps broadcasters in the picture

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When Act! has enabled technical sales consultant, Jim Deigan, to treble the value of the business he does by organizing and scheduling his time more efficiently, you can understand why many businesses choose it as their CRM.

Equipping a television studio or new broadcast facility with cameras, video decks, routers, switchers, asset management systems, monitors and many other pieces of production hardware is a complicated task. It takes a lot of putting together.

“That might mean dealing with products from more than 400 different manufacturers,” says Jim Deigan, account manager with Digital Video Group, a leading supplier of TV technology and production systems. But for anyone involved in technical sales, staying on top of that wealth of information, as well as every customer interaction, is often the key to success.

Some 20 years ago, when Jim found that the database he was using was struggling to keep track of sales and customer data, he started looking around for an alternative solution. When someone told him about Act!, he tried it out and has been grateful he did ever since.

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"One company I was working with wanted me to use another system, but when they saw that I was blowing them out of the water with what I was doing with Act!, they left me alone.”
Customer Results


Jim is able to do three times the value of business by using Act!.

He is able to put together and send out mailings in less than a quarter of the time it takes his colleagues to do the same.

Jim can easily track past contacts as they move between companies, so he maintains a warm relationship with them.


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