Act! opens many new doors for Hawaii real estate agent


When Gretchen Osgood was looking for a better way to manage her real estate business in Kona on Hawaii Island’s west coast, she just Googled "best CRM" and up popped Act!.

“When I began my real estate business, I decided to target people on the mainland who’d bought a property here in Kona, but never again heard from their agents,” says Gretchen Osgood, owner of Hawaiian Isle Real Estate.

“So, I put together a printed newsletter and began mailing it out. That was 15 years ago. It’s still the only advertising I do and all my new business is generated through it. Read More
So all through that quarter I was consistently handling 21 to 22 contracts. I certainly couldn’t have done what I did without my system in Act!.
Customer Results


  • Thanks to her unique Act!-based system, Gretchen has been able to complete up to 150 ‘to-dos’ in a day, often these are time-critical and essential to keep a sale moving forward.
  • Without a CRM like Act!, most real estate agents can handle 5-7 contracts at once, but that would be a very busy, full-time load. With Act!, Gretchen was able to stay on top of 22! This has enabled her to become the number one real estate agent for transactions in her territory.
  • Gretchen is now using Act! Marketing Automation to create drip emailing campaigns so she can stay even more connected with her potential clients.
  • She has also used Act! to automate her newsletter sign up so someone’s information is seamlessly uploaded into her database, which then triggers one of her activity schedules.
  • Act! also makes Gretchen super-efficient, which means that she can do all the inspections and title searches involved in a property sale or purchase ahead of time.


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