30-year-long customer relationship displays Act!’s staying power


In a highly dynamic industry in which companies quickly come and go, Handy AV’s exceptional longevity is testament not just to the firm’s ability to manage a wealth of customer information but its owner’s three decade commitment to Act!.

As improving technology lowers cost, businesses are increasingly using audio-visual solutions to reach ‘out of home’ consumers in malls, stores and sports grounds.

Given the potential opportunities offered by digital signage, touch screen technology, video walls and large format displays, more and more companies are entering this highly dynamic sector.

Most fall quickly by the wayside. Those that survive and thrive do so because they can both respond to change in the marketplace, and lead it. One of these market leaders is Handy AV.

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“To all intents and purposes Act! is the information backbone of the company.”
Customer Results


Act!’s ability to save time and effort has generated real productivity gains on a day-to-day basis. Like having standardized templates for everything including invoices, pro formas and dispatch notes.

Act! is the information backbone of the company and brings together internal and external sales teams as well as accounts.

The ability to enter customer data quickly and easily, then retrieve it fast, allows anyone to pick up on someone else’s accounts if they’re not around.


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