Act! proves a precision tool for outreach work


After a successful career in sales and marketing, Phil Van Guilder is now using Act! to create a high-quality database that’s become a ‘go to’ resource for mental healthcare professionals in America.

When it comes to Act!, Phil Van Guilder is the first to admit that he’s more than a little particular. 

“There is something a little OCD about me when it comes to Act!,” says Phil, “as I’ve always wanted to make sure that everything going into the database is absolutely perfect.” 

This ‘no rubbish in, no rubbish out’ approach goes back to the early nineties when Phil was working in sales and marketing for high-tech companies. A remote worker responsible for managing his own time and territory, he was searching for a way to keep his contacts in one place. 

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"When I send something out I want it to be personal and specific to them, so I’m not just spamming."
Customer Results


There are more than 3,200 contacts in Phil’s database of clinicians, psychologists, psychiatrists and other specialist assets in the mental health sector. 

There are over 100 letter templates in Phil’s Act!, which he uses to speed up communication with those on his database.

Phil uses Act! to create a regular and ongoing program of communication with his contacts.

By taking meticulous care about the quality of information that goes into it, Phil’s has turned his Act! database into a ‘premium product.’


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