Act! CRM helps financial firm get personal


This financial services firm may have been providing advice to clients for nearly 30 years, but it has only just started using Act! CRM and is already seeing the benefits as it takes advantage of new opportunities previously missed.

In an industry that has become increasingly depersonalized, mortgage, insurance and loan specialists Bert Ritsema Verzekeringen & Hypotheken are determined to maintain the ‘human touch’. 

So, while others cut opening hours, close offices and move services online, this financial services firm is more than happy to visit clients outside normal working hours, if they want.

“While we use the internet, it’s not at the expense of personal contact,” says Corné Ritsema, one of the firm’s executives. 

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“With Act! CRM, we have insights into a client’s situation that we didn’t have before.”
Customer Results


The company saw immediate benefits when it began using Act! CRM because it was able to deliver more efficient client service straightaway.

Act! CRM provides a single platform with the flexibility to handle all the needs of the company’s different departments

Act! CRM eliminates the need for the separate systems previously used to record client data. 

The company is now creating more new sales opportunities thanks to the fresh insights into a client’s situation Act! CRM provides.


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