Act! helps arboriculture business branch out

With instructors right across Canada, this training business is at the forefront when it comes to helping those in the country’s arboriculture industry acquire or upgrade their skills using Act!

Canada is home to an estimated 318 billion trees, so forests are big business in the country.

Within that, arboriculture - the management of trees in public spaces - is something of a niche industry, but it still requires growing numbers of professionals to be trained by companies like Arboriculture Canada.
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We’re able to pull out that information from Act! very quickly and give them a full report, which helps them plan their future training needs.
Customer Results


  • Act! is a key player when it comes to productivity at Arboriculture Canada, as it’s made the office 60 to 70 per cent more efficient.
  • Nancy creates set up and forget campaigns using Act! Marketing Automation that require little of her attention and which are very targeted and responsive so as not to bombard her database of customers with too many marketing messages.
  • Nancy reaches about 10,000 inboxes each time she runs a campaign and usually runs about 10 campaigns a year, all of which are managed through Act! Marketing Automation.
  • Nancy makes use of Act!’s ability to work with third-party applications to create a real-time dashboard that gives her a clear picture of all the courses the company provides. 


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