Act! creates great connections

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A vibrant network of relationships nurtured and maintained using Act! is at the heart of Allegiant’s unique business model.

‘Today’s heroes and tomorrow’s leaders’ is the Allegiant Giving Corporation’s slogan. It hints at this not-for-profit’s fundraising work to equip seriously injured veterans with specialist wheelchairs, as well as the support it offers to local high school students.

Allegiant’s unique blend of charitable work, networking and training is based around an ever-evolving system of prospects, partners, donors and participants. Managing this interconnected network is only possible because of Act!. Read More
“It helps us maintain our relationships by remembering all the things you wouldn’t otherwise remember. It’s of fundamental importance to what we do."
Customer Results


• Allegiant is growing its database of prospects, partners, donors and participants all the time. Currently it has about 4300 records in Act!.

• To ensure the consistency of its records, Allegiant has a very structured approach to how data is entered into Act!

• By tagging records appropriately, Michael and his team are able to create a very valuable, information-rich network of connections.

• Allegiant uses Act!’s email templates to give its marketing communications a professionalism that would not otherwise be possible without using a graphic designer.


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