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The Sherman Sheet

Act! and Cardinal Realty Group

The Sherman Sheet uses Act! to create highly customized financial services campaigns

The Sherman Sheet is a financial services company whose clients include money management firms, individual investment advisors, and brokers across the US and Canada. Based in St. Louis, MO, The Sherman Sheet offers a subscription service that provides access to leading financial research, financial models, and custom portfolio reports to help advisors strategically manage their client accounts.

The Sherman Sheet

"The AMA platform has helped us simplify our marketing communication processes because it’s so easy to customize and update."

Gordon Case
Director of Sales and Marketing



Real Estate



Act! Growth Suite







Key Benefits

  • Build personalized customer relationships by easily customizing campaigns based on criteria such as geography, customer history, and more.
  • Focus more time on supporting core business goals, such as delivering top market research and customized investment reports.
  • Easily track and manage customer account details, including notes and conversations.

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