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Act! CRM customer adds Act! Marketing Automation – saves precious time, increases sales and improves ROI on marketing efforts

With a range of customers across many industries, this Canadian instrumentation distributor needs to make sure it’s always sending the right message to the right people, and it relies on Act! to do that.


"Act! Marketing Automation has really streamlined the efficiency of how we get new sales. Not only does it save us a lot of time, but it also gives us a much better return on our marketing efforts."

Mark Reid Owner and V.P.
Sales & Marketing



Real Estate



Act! Growth Suite








  • Act!’s ability to interface with third-party quoting and financial applications has given the business the flexibility to create the integrated system it wanted and needed.
  • When data decay can reach 70% per year in some high turnover B2B markets, Act! Marketing Automation can help keep your database cleaner, as it does for Mark.
  • To ensure customer information is as up-to-date as possible when he’s on the road, Mark uses Handheld Contact to update customer information remotely in Act! without having to go back to the office or calling someone there to do it for him.

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