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Longtime Act! user saves up to 30% on emarketing by switching to Act! Growth Suite

Like many smaller companies in competitive sectors, this Toronto-based firm not only needs to stay on top of potential opportunities but must market itself cost-effectively, both of which it can do better thanks to Act!.


"Because Act! holds every detail of every deal, that gives me real certainty."

Peter Elliott
MedX Sales Manager



Real Estate



Act! Growth Suite








  • Peter estimates that by switching to Act! Growth Suite, the company has been able to save 25 to 30% on what it was paying for its e-marketing efforts.
  • Act! Growth Suite has become an essential tool for MedX because it integrates CRM and marketing automation, making it easier for Peter to send targeted messages to defined audience groups of dentists, chiropractors and physiotherapists.
    • By using Act!, Peter has increased his personal productivity, which has enabled him to focus more on managing his sales team and improving customer service.
    • The meticulous notes Peter enters into Act! about every customer conversation means he has an accurate record of what was agreed for every deal, so if a customer has a query, Peter can quickly call on this ‘perfect memory’ to resolve any ambiguous issue quickly.

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