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Act! helps shape new product development for molding firm

This New Jersey-based firm has become a market leader in its field thanks to a combination of product innovation and high-quality customer service, both of which it continues to achieve thanks to Act!.

LMT Mercer Group Roby Grenier

"All these customer suggestions and ideas are recorded in Act!, so it’s an invaluable source of information that our product development team can turn to when it comes to improving an existing product or developing entirely new ones to fill a gap in the market.”

Roby Grenier
Territory Manager: East



Real Estate



Act! Growth Suite








  • Act! contains a highly detailed and targeted database of 1,500 wholesalers and distributors in the construction, housebuilding and landscaping sectors.
  • By capturing information that is missed by the ERP system used by the customer service team, Act! helps bring the company closer to its customers.
  • Because it provides a central source of customer feedback and ideas, Act! is an invaluable tool for the company’s product development team who are always looking to add new or improved items to the company’s portfolio. This is all part of the customer-focused partnership the company aims to create.
  • The company has nearly 1,000 items in its current product range of high-quality vinyl fencing, decking and railing components and adds at least 20 more to this every year.
  • The LMT Mercer Group operates in a highly dynamic marketplace where longdormant customers can suddenly return. Roby and his team are able to re-establish relationships with them because they make ‘old’ accounts inactive rather than erase them.

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