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Act! opens many new doors for Hawaii real estate agent

When Gretchen Osgood was looking for a better way to manage her real estate business in Kona on Hawaii Island’s west coast, she just Googled "best CRM" and up popped Act!.


"So all through that quarter I was consistently handling 21 to 22 contracts. I certainly couldn’t have done what I did without my system in Act!."

Gretchen Osgood
Realtor, Principal Broker



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Act! Growth Suite








  • Thanks to her unique Act!-based system, Gretchen has been able to complete up to 150 ‘to-dos’ in a day, often these are time-critical and essential to keep a sale moving forward.
  • Without a CRM like Act!, most real estate agents can handle 5-7 contracts at once, but that would be a very busy, full-time load. With Act!, Gretchen was able to stay on top of 22 contracts at once! This has enabled her to become the number one real estate agent for transactions in her territory.
  • Gretchen is now using Act! Marketing Automation to create drip emailing campaigns so she can stay even more connected with her potential clients.
  • She has also used Act! to automate her newsletter sign up so someone’s information is seamlessly uploaded into her database, which then triggers one of her activity schedules.
  • Act! also makes Gretchen super-efficient, which means that she can do all the inspections and title searches involved in a property sale or purchase ahead of time.

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